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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Getting to Work

Statscan had some data on how people got to work in Vancouver in 2006 vs. 2001 the other day.

Here are the raw numbers, number of commuters by mode of transport:

In 2006:
TRANSIT 165,435
WALK/BIKE 80,000
CAR 746,065

In 2001:
TRANSIT 104,020
WALK/BIKE 75,555
CAR 717,705

It's easier to see what is going on with a couple of charts.

First, here is a chart of the distrubtion of modes of transit in 2001.

Second, here is a chart of the additions (i.e. the increase) between 2001 and 2006.

Finally, a third chart showing the 2006 distribution by mode of transit:

Some media reaction. CTV kind of misses the point with their headline, "Car still king for commuters in Vancouver: census" while the free daily Metro does better with, "Trend toward transit: But cars still rule roads as drivers outnumber transit riders 4 to 1"

Overall, things are moving in what I consider the right direction (fewer cars, more use of transit). The completion of the Canada line should help, while I'd expect the Gateway project to have a negative effect. Will be interesting to see what the next census tells us in 2011. Would also be interesting to see comparable numbers from other cities around the world if anyone knows a good source for this.


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