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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy Week

Not for me, I took Monday off and did absolutely nothing, which was quite nice. No, I meant our intrepid Federal government which found itself defending against serious allegations of trying to bribe a dying MP, decided it could insert itself as a moral censor at the tail end of the process for providing federal support to the Arts, had it's Finance minister repeatedly tell a lie so obvious that you can only wonder what they think to gain by it1, and even managed to find time to gratuitously piss off the current favourite to be the next leader of our closest neighbour and most powerful country in the world.

One fears to imagine what they'll pull off next week.

1Compare this recent news story where Flaherty says,
"We knew that there would be an economic slowdown in the United States eventually, it is now happening, and we took the steps in terms of reducing taxes and paying down debt, making sure we in Canada were prepared for this economic slowdown,"

with this story put out at the time where Flaherty says,
"Quite frankly, revenues are good so this is an opportunity (to reduce taxes),"

"It's possible to take some tax measures in the fall update, but I'm not anticipating that right now because we're not far from the budget, fairly early in the new year."

I guess Flaherty was either lying or wrong in that old story as well, since they did put tax cuts in the fall update, but I digress - I was talking about his recent lying, not what he was saying last year.

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  • Yes, it is difficult to keep the current lies separate from the previous ones . . . .

    By Blogger West End Bob, at 6:11 AM  

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