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Monday, November 22, 2004


This whole blogging thing is kind of strange. On the one hand, I feel like most of the people who have blogs seem to know so much about it - they would probably regard my combined sense of trepidation and wonder with amusement and perhaps fond memories of a distant time when they felt the same way - like teenagers whose grandparents are using a DVD player for the first time.

On the other hand, as I tell family and friends that I've started a blog, a lot of them say, 'What's a blog?'.

Well, I'm about a week in, have just added site meter to the err, site so it should be cool to get an email tomorrow showing three hits (me at home, me at work, and one from my girlfriend's computer when she volunteered to take a look at it and offer an opinion).

Have to say I am pretty amazed at the whole infrastructure that has built up around blogging - it's hard to imagine life with no internet.

For those imaginary readers who are concerned about the digression, don't worry, I'll be back to complaining about negative newspaper columns on PR before you know it.

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