Crawl Across the Ocean

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Why is this Blog here?

Here is some speculation (you may think that I should know for certain, but I'm never really so sure I understand just why I do things):

1. I don't have enough friends who are willing to listen to me talk about this stuff so I am searching the globe for more listeners (victims).

2. Even if nobody's listening, maybe it will be cathartic (in the medical sense of the word:

3. Practice my writing.

4. I've found lots of Blogs to be useful/helpful/entertaining/enlightening/inspiring etc. and it would be cool to think I could do the same for others

5. I'm a big believer in peer-to-peer, no-filter, no middleman communications so I should put my fingers where my mind is (not in the medical sense, this time)

6. Deep down, I am drawn to a fantasy of becoming famous and powerful and some part of my sub-conscious thinks this is the way to do it (I don't really buy this one, but I had to put it in to keep Nietzsche happy).

7. Other



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