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Saturday, November 13, 2004

What to Expect?

Well, not 3 posts a day for starters!

I expect the topics covered to be mainly political (mostly Canadian with some U.S. and occasionally the rest of the world), with some personal life stuff, some pop. culture comments, some sports talk (I'll try to spare you from complaints about the bad luck of my pool teams) and maybe some technology stuff (but I tend to be a little behind the curve here, so don't expect anything cutting edge).

Another thing to expect is lots of little digressions in brackets (like this one).

In terms of politics, political compass ( puts me down as a strong libertarian, and pretty much in the middle on the left-right economic axis. The environment, electoral form and taxation are a few of the issues I care most about.

Still on the topic of politics, my aim will be to search for what is right and what is best for society rather than trying to push a particular ideological viewpoint. Things I will try (and likely fail, on occasion - let me know if you see instances) to avoid will include:

Ignoring events which don't support my point.
Quoting out of context.
Arguments which attempt to persuade rather than enlighten.
Flawed reasoning including: Straw man arguments, Ad Hominem attacks and any other bias which would serve to obscure rather than illumine the best solution.

I know, it sounds awfully dull, but I'll try to keep it interesting as well. I guess we'll see.

At any rate, it will be interesting (for me) to see how the Blog evolves in terms of writing style, topics covered, whether it ever actually attracts readers and/or comments etc.

Hopefully I'll post often enough to at least give it a chance. Good luck little Blog!

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