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Monday, November 15, 2004

Good news, maybe, someday

From the Globe today ( the good news:

"Preparations for major changes to Canada's electoral system are under way by the Liberal government, the deputy House Leader said Monday,..."

and the bad news...

"...but he would not commit to making a plan available before the next federal election."

If you've ever wanted to vote for a party but didn't like who they were running in your riding (or vice-versa) or if you ever faced the prospect where voting for your favourite party could potentially help elect your least favourite party (i.e. Nader/Perot supporters) or if you just thought it was strange that one party could get the most votes and another could form the (majority) government, then any progress (even the glacially slow progress typical of the federal liberals) on the electoral reform front is good news.

And I know that we're all cynical and nobody is supposed to care about what is best for the country, but I still think that this is at least a little unfair:
The NDP would be in favour of some of the reforms, such as proportional representation, because the party is small.
[emphasis added]

It's hard to imagine the Liberals permitting changes to a system that has served them so well over the years, but maybe now I'm the one who's being cynical. At any rate, it's good to see momentum building in the direction of positive change.

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