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Friday, January 27, 2006

Spector vs. Spector

A few days ago, Antonia tore apart one of Norman Spector's recent 'trees-died-for-this?' columns in the Globe. She doesn't need my help, but I just wanted to add something I found humourous.

Spector, Paragraph 10:
"the words and images transmitted by the CBC have become poisonously anti-American ... And its programming regularly stereotypes Western Canadians, particularly Albertans — one of the few prejudices that is still socially acceptable in Canada."

Spector, Paragraph 7:
"Basically, Quebeckers want the same things British Columbians want, only they want to be able to live it in French. Also, while Lotus Landers go jogging and have learned to ignore Ottawa, Quebeckers — poorer and a minority — will continue to bargain collectively for more money and more jurisdiction."

I hate it when people stereotype a whole province - don't you?

It makes blogging so much easier when they debunk themselves.


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