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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Last Word

Turns out my suspicion was justified, loopy was intended as a synonym for whacko. Furthermore, my verdict was appealed to the supreme court of word-cases, the Canadian Oxford which apparently lists crazy as a synonym for both whacko and loopy. So if we assume that transitivity applies to synonymity (if a is a synonym of b, and b is a synonym of c, then a and c are synonyms) then he appears to have a case.

Final (tongue-in-cheek) verdict, Ian Urquhart may not know anything about electoral reform, but he definitely has a good sense of humour.

Tomorrow, I plan to turn my attention to something new for a while, assuming my back pain doesn't cause my brain to shrink too much (subscription required, if you absolutely must read the rest of the article) in the meantime. Boy, they're really struggling for news over at the National Post these days. But I guess the concerns of places like the Ukraine pale in comparison to such startling stories as violence in video games, mailmen afraid of big violent dogs, and banks making record profits. All of which are on the post website as I write this.

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