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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

Why is ground turkey/chicken so much less plentiful on grocery store shelves as compared to ground beef?

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  • Beef can sit around a couple of weeks and be called aged?

    By Blogger PeterC, at 4:41 AM  

  • It's because ground turkey and chicken tastes like crap.

    By Blogger Robert McClelland, at 5:58 AM  

  • Robert is correct, but also, because there is a lot of excess product waste from processing cows that can be turned into salvageable material in the form of ground beef. Sounds disgusting, I know. The real tough cuts of beef that otherwise wouldn't sell get used in ground beef since it is a higher margin product.

    By Blogger Sacha, at 12:26 PM  

  • I've never tried ground chicken (its hard to find) but ground turkey tastes fine to me.

    Yeah I wondered if maybe there was more 'spare cow' to spread around vs. spare poultry - that might help with the cost tradeoff...

    By Blogger Declan, at 9:37 PM  

  • That's easy. Cows are bigger.

    By Blogger KevinG, at 5:51 PM  

  • Then why no ground elephant?

    Got you there.

    By Blogger Declan, at 10:21 PM  

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