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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good News for a Change

I was up on Burnaby Mountain for the first time, a few weeks ago, a day during the great fog-in of '09 when it was 14 degrees and sunny on the mountain, while near 0 and very damp and chilly in the fog below.

Winding our way up the mountain (which for those not familiar with Vancouver, is basically a large hill about half an hour east of downtown Vancouver in the suburb of Burnaby which has a university on top - Simon Fraser), I wondered if it could really be more efficient to run buses up and down the mountain all day long instead of installing some sort of gondola or funiculaire type system.

And now, via Stephen Rees, I see that such a plan is being considered, and is, as I suspected, a far more efficient option. Why do I suspect that our various right wing governments will plead that they can't afford the $70 million to make transportation faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, safer and more reliable in Vancouver, having chosen instead to spend over a billion dollars subsidizing granite countertops.

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