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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two More Items on Climate Change

First, The Straight has a good article on how the media has often been played for fools by the climate change 'skeptics'. It's one-sided, as Darren notes, but still worth a read.

Second, Calgary Grit asks if climate change is a ballot-box issue. I can't speak for others, but if the B.C. Liberal government continues (as seems likely) with plans to introduce new coal power plants in B.C., that will pretty much rule out voting for them. As my posts prior to the last B.C. election show, I've always considered the Liberals as a possible option - while they are a bit right-wing for my liking, they are mostly willing to put pragmatism ahead of ideology in a way that their right-wing Federal Government counterparts (so far) have been unwilling to.

But new coal plants? In a province with as many alternatives for generating power as B.C. has? It's very tough to vote for any party that supports that.


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