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Monday, January 15, 2007

Freedom is a Gift, People Too.

Commercials. I try to tune them out, but I can't - not entirely anyway.

Am I the only one offended/irritated by the Super 7 Lotto commercial which says that you should play because if you win you can buy slaves?

Also, I earlier noted that Langara College was asserting in its ads that 'Knowledge is a Gift.' Now Langara is back with a new slogan: "In today's complex world, knowledge is freedom"

So assuming that they still stand by their earlier slogan we have:
Gift = Knowledge = Freedom, implying that Freedom is a Gift too!

Now, my knowledge of history is feeble, but I think that while freedom may be a gift on occasion, it wouldn't be wise to rely on it. But perhaps I should go to Langara to learn more on the topic. In fact, the last laugh is on me, since I will be taking a course at Langara. They certainly aren't offering it to me as a gift, but maybe taking it will increase my freedom a little bit, so perhaps their slogans are actually improving in accuracy as time goes by (must be all that accumulating knowledge - perhaps next year's slogan will be 'knowledge is progress'.)


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