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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two Points That Seem Inarguable to Me

1. Politically, the U.S. is in a terrible state.

2. The simplest summary of our current Conservative government's agenda is that they want Canada to be more like the U.S.

Given point 1., it seems odd that anyone would vote for point 2.

As an aside, am I the only one who finds it a little oxymoronic that a 'Conservative' government is cutting funding to museums?


  • "2. The simplest summary of our current Conservative government's agenda is that they want Canada to be more like the U.S."

    Thanks for that totally unsupported assertion that is not grounded in reality.

    You usually make intelligent points on good issues, and rarely resort to silly memes like this. :/

    By Blogger Andrew, at 6:21 AM  

  • I duno Andrew, sometimes when it walks like aduck and quacks, it might be a duck.

    Harper in actions is caving to the US on softwood, despite having no industry support.

    Despite having a near record surplus, he wants to cut programs for the most vulnerable and needy.

    And when it comes to press conferences, he never backs down from throwing around the horeshit Republican "support the troops" meme or resort to untrue, ad hominem attacks against his predecessor.

    Why even "Red Fridays" are the result of a campaign by Republicans in the sourth, and we are imitating it. Rather than the non-partisan event it was supposed to be, it became a rally for the Conservative Party policy.

    That sounds EXACTLY like the US. Sorry, Declan is right.

    And it has nothing to do with anti-Americanism either...if Harper was trying to act like Clinton or even Bush Sr. he wouldn't be getting this kind of heat for it.

    By Blogger Mike, at 8:53 AM  

  • Well, my opinion is that it is grounded in reality, but certainly you are right that it is unsupported.

    I don't really see it as a meme, but rather as just the truth of the matter, having given it some thought (Mike is just scratching the surface in his comment). I will elaborate at some point within the next month, and then we'll see if I can convince you...

    (seems blogger is acting up and won't let me log in, but really, it is me.

    By Blogger Declan, at 2:00 PM  

  • Huh, that's strange. I posted that last comment as anonymous, but it sitll picked up my blogger ID. Blogger is really odd sometimes.

    By Blogger Declan, at 2:02 PM  

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