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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Hate it When Political Issues get Politicized

From the CBC,
"The government of Canada is strongly committed to the fight against HIV-AIDS and continues to commit a significant amount of money to this issue," press secretary Erik Waddell said by e-mail to Canadian Press. "Our government is committed to doing more in the future.

"However, there are no announcements this week while the issue is so politicized."

1) I've noticed that the word 'politician', and the word 'politicized' have the same root. Isn't a politician avoiding things which have been politicized kind of like a fireman avoiding things that are on fire?

2) It seems kind of painfully transparent that what the government means by an issue being 'politicized', is that people are paying attention. Always best to take action when fewer people are paying attention. Assuming that what you're planning to do will be unpopular, of course.

via Cowboys for Social Responsibility.


  • Oh, I get it: the reason the Conservatives haven't come out with an environmental policy yet is because the environment has become too politicized. Maybe Harper should follow the lead of his Southern brethren and take a long vacation in the brush.

    By Anonymous Nicholas, at 3:29 PM  

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