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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Via Azerbic, I hear that the National Post ran a prominent retraction and apology today.

Says Antonia,
"it's fair to say that the paper acted as swiftly as it could to rectify what was a serious error, one with potentially catastrophic consequences. It did much better than did the New York Times did, say, with its Judith Miller/WMDs horsedip."

Good for them. With luck (and vigilance), this story will end up having a different effect than those who promoted it initially hoped for. Rather than promoting a rush to war, it will cause us to look more skeptically at news reports which lead us down that path.


  • I think it already has altered the effect it was intended to have. Comments asking, Why hasn't the Left jumped on this? make me think that was to be its intent, to rile us into supporting an invasion of Iran. What they don't see is that the tide is turning...

    By Blogger berlynn, at 6:54 PM  

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