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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Last Days of Paul Martin

Interesting times at the Federal parliament these days, what with Paul Martin taking Jack Layton up on his offer to support the Liberal's minority government in return for changing the budget to get rid of some corporate tax cuts and increase spending on students, the environment and foreign aid (among other things).

My thoughts on this are pretty much Calgary Grit's thoughts. I'd be surprised if this modified budget ever gets passed and it looks like we'll be heading to another election soon - an election where the big story will be how much Liberal support collapses and whether it defects to the NDP, the Conservatives or the Greens.

It's a good thing that nobody can take away Paul Martin's legacy as the Finance Minister who helped put (and keep) our fiscal house in order, since I'm guessing that the history books will (somewhat unfairly) not look too kindly upon his brief time as Prime Minister.

While I'm on the topic of CalgaryGrit, check out this post as well, if only for the excellent title. I wish I'd come up with that one.

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