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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Notes, Day 7

I see that Nate Silver, over at 538 (which I really should add to the blogroll one of these days), is making a mockery of my humble medal tracking efforts. Not content to use one set of predictions, he aggregated several, and not content with a simple chart, he made a fancy table, and not content with tracking predictions for the top countries, he's tracking all the countries.

Of course, he's still just going with the flawed old-school medal count, so there's still some work to be done over there, but it's nice to see someone else applying a little bit of quantification to the Olympics as well.

Back to the events themselves, kudos to Christine Nesbitt. Having an off day, stumbling out of the blocks and still winning a gold medal is a sure sign of dominance in your field! It's too bad Groves came up just short for the Bronze (in a great skate) or she could have been on pace for a 4 or even 5 medal performance at these games. Here's hoping that she continues her strong skating and takes the 1500m.

Finally, should be a fun hockey game against the U.S. on Sunday!

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