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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unintentional Humour

Andrew Coyne quotes a speech from Maxine Bernier, discussing the notion of trying to freeze government spending in nominal dollars (i.e. the usual starve the beast routine),
"That would be quite a change, don’t you think? A commitment to Zero Budget Growth could become a powerful symbol of fiscal conservatism, just like the 'No Deficit' consensus was, to some extent, until the advent of Conservative government the global economic crisis."

Wow, this promise would be just as credible as the promises of fiscal 'conservatism' that we get from the party that trashes the finances of any jurisdiction unlucky enough to elect it and spent it's days in opposition bemoaning the overly large (in their opinion) surplusses run up by the Liberals - I'm convinced!

Anyway, go for it Mr. Bernier. Cut spending on the military (in real dollars), refuse to pay creditors any increased amount of interest owing on the debt, cut transfers for health and education funding, cut the old age supplement, cut child care benefits, cut spending on First Nations, cut spending on infrastructure. It all sounds very courageous.

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