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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playoffs Never-Leaver: Round 4

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They're still playing hockey? It sure seems like a long time since I made my round 1 post. Let's get this over with.

First, let's recap my picks for round 3:

Pick: Wings in 5

Pretty much as expected, although I was hoping for a bit more of an offensive show.

Pick: Penguins in 7

Well, my gut was right that Pittsburgh would win, but I certainly didn't expect a sweep. This was probably my biggest missed prediction so far, in that I didn't see the series being anywhere near that lopsided.

OK, so I'm a bit late for the finals, with Detroit already winning game 1, so I won't make a prediction, although going into the series I was leaning towards Pittsburgh, perhaps thinking of the 2 back-to-back Oiler-Islanders series of the mid 80's which marked the changing of the dynastic guard in the NHL with the Gretzky led Oilers taking over from the Islanders who beat the Oilers in '84 for the 4th straight title, only to be beaten easily by the same Oiler team one year later in '85. But after game 1, Detroit may be just too good. I guess we'll see.

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