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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Snotty Vancouverite

I was going to read Roy MacGregor's column in the Globe Today (subtitle: "Whatever you want, booming Alberta's got it"), but then the sun came out and I decided to go for a jog down by the ocean.


  • For a different take from Roy MacGregor's glowing account, see below for a part of a March 24 Calgary Sun column re. the recent provincial budget. It would seem booming Alberta also has crowded, deteriorating schools and a government that doesn't care ...

    "In the budget the province hands down this week, Calgary public schools come up empty-handed. Any budget is about choices and the government of the self-styled man of the people [Ralph Klein] makes a choice. The choice is to give the corporations money and not public schools.

    Gordon [Dirks, Calgary School Board Chair] knows his schools got the short end. He doesn't even go to the place in his brain where he would contemplate one reason why he was a loser in this budget.

    He spoke up and, in the one-party province, even when you are a Conservative, such as Gordon, if you dare dissent from the party line you will be disciplined. Punishment politics is standard operating procedure in Alberta. ...

    'Public education is a crucial part of the public good and when the public good prevails, all of society benefits,' says Gordon, perhaps forgetting the public good is not top of the list of this government.

    Behind closed doors, Gordon will once again inform the minister of the public school board's priorities. This coming year, they want $153 million for new schools and new money to start clearing up a massive backlog fixing up old schools.

    But Gordon gets it coming and going. If the province doesn't build new schools more kids must take the bus to old ones. But the province won't give more than a paltry boost in bucks for buses carrying the growing number of kids and city public schools now have a transportation deficit of $6.8 million.

    The board now contemplates their limited wiggle room, including charging parents higher fees for buses. There goes that whopping $70 in this year's budget for tax cuts to people rather than big business. Another choice."
    The full column is at

    For more about the riches of booming Alberta (unless you're poor working class) see also:

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