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Monday, March 27, 2006

Calling all Blogophiles

There's an invitation, in the post
To a blogging party, on the coast
Pack your bags up, you old blogophile
Get together with your friends, who will
Give you time to think and time to kill
With independent hosts
Hey, blogmaster, aren't you gonna go?
Hey, blogmaster, aren't you gonna go?1

Rob Cottingham, from One Damn Things After Another, is looking to spread the word about a 4 day blogging workshop he is co-hosting from May 17 to May 21 on Cortes island (offshore from Campbell River). The workshop is focussed on blogging as a strategic communications tool and is being put on by Social Signal - more details can be found here. If, like me, you could use some help with your blogging, but, unlike me, you don't avoid social occasions like the avian flu, it could be worth checking out. Just spending a few days on Cortes Island in May would probably be pretty sweet.

1 Lyrics taken (and only slightly modified) from 'Hey Headmaster' one of the Pet Shop Boys more obscure, and best, songs. I substituted 'blogophile' in for bibliophile, perhaps the only occasion that either of those words has ever appeared in a song lyric.


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