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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Commercial that Made my Heart Sore

Do you ever go back and read the first month of posts on your blog and realize that it is much better than your last month? I don't know what that says exactly, but it's not encouraging.

Anyway, a scene from the couch tonight...

A commercial comes on, cue the inspirational music and excited announcer: "Go buy the one DVD that will make your heart soar"

Girlfriend: "Ugh" - has that look on her face normally reserved for political ads and the worst American Idol singers

Me: "They should really be more careful with homonyms"

A little later during another commercial break we switch over to the Grammy Awards where Mariah Carey is singing, wearing a low cut dress which reveals a substantial portion of her unnatural and borderline disturbing 'cleavage'1

Me: "Now there's a heart that's ready to soar!"
Girlfriend: "That's not her heart"
Me: "Well something looks ready to float away"

While I'm on the topic, is there any award show which is more out of touch with what is actually good than the Grammys?

On the plus side, it was another great episode of Veronica Mars.

1 Trust me, the use of 'scare' quotes here is fully justified.


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