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Saturday, November 05, 2005

P.E.I. Pseudo-Democracy Watch

Greg (from Sinister Thoughts) is right, Premier Binns seems to be making up the rules as he goes along in P.E.I.'s low (and getting lower by the day) credibility referendum on electoral reform.

So let's recap. Binns created a commission to study electoral reform and the commission recommended a referendum with a 50% threshold. Then Binns decided a few weeks before the referendum to change the bar to 60%. Then he stated that there is a turnout threshold, because a low turnout would invalidate the result. But he won't specify what that threshold is, and has provided so little funding for the referendum that many fewer polls will be open than would be for an election. And now he says he might have a second referendum, depending on the vote in the first one, but won't say what result would trigger a second referendum.

OK then.


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