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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So, via Voice in the Wilderness, it looks like there wasn't much wrong with Dingwall's scandalous!! expenses while he was running the Mint.

But not to worry, scandal!!-lovers, via Bound by Gravity,
I see that the Angry guy is already hard at work on the next scandal!!

Here's a couple of quick questions for right-wing scandal!!-lovers:

1) What do U.S. terror alerts, Conservative cries of scandal!! and the annoying kid next door who's always warning me about the wolf prowling our neighbourhood have in common?

2) Now that we've dealt with the pressing issues (scandals!!) of pizza, altered tapes and gum, is it time yet to actually talk about some policy? You know, the future of the country? Am I asking too much?


  • What did he resign then?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:32 PM  

  • Beats me! Maybe the government's public relations people felt there was too much media attention on this issue, so they 'asked' him to resign.

    By Blogger Declan, at 1:06 PM  

  • is it time yet to actually talk about some policy?

    Standing and applauding....

    By Blogger DazzlinDino, at 3:08 PM  

  • "is it time yet to actually talk about some policy? "

    "Scandal" is the Liberal policy. They've been talking about them for 13 years now, and quite frankly, I've heard enough.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:11 PM  

  • DazzlinD: thanks.

    Anon. Not sure what you mean, you're tired of hearing about Liberal scandal!!'s? - me too, or there hasn't been any policy worth discussing in the last 13 years? -can't really agree with you there.

    By Blogger Declan, at 5:16 PM  

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