Crawl Across the Ocean

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I looked it over and I guess I thought it was all right / All right in a sort of a limited way, for an off night

Alas, the writing course I was going to take was cancelled at the last minute due to lack of (last minute) interest, but just in case you thought that meant you (the reader of this blog) would be spared having to read a bunch of unpleasant, pretentious, faux artistic posts, let me prove you wrong with the following series which is (very loosely) based on a Paul Simon song.

Cue the diabolical laughter...

(I wonder if you searched through all the written English language for where 'laughter' was preceded by an adjective, how high 'diabolical' would rank? It's gotta be top ten. Maniacal, hysterical, evil, infectious, am I missing anything obvious? I guess it's not really that important)


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