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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Catching Up

Last week was pretty busy so I missed commenting on a couple of things.

First, via One Damn Thing After Another, I see that when Telus decided to block customer access to some anti-Telus websites, they also inadvertently (I assume) blocked access to a large number (at least 766) of other sites. That's Telus for you, you can count on them to not only do the wrong thing, but to do it incompetently.

Second, after first allying with then questioning the legitimacy of the Bloc Quebecois, shutting down parliament, playing on prejudices, entrapment, whining, whining , whining and more whining in their failed bid to gain power, the Conservatives despaired and hauled out their strategy of last resort: promoting sensible policies - in this case making transit passes tax deductible. We can argue about whether it is the best way to correct the market imbalance in favour of automobiles or whether it makes sense to fund this measure instead of Kyoto, but it is a reasonable idea which would make the country a little bit better - maybe Andrew is finally getting through to the Conservative brain-rust.

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