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Monday, June 06, 2005

Random Thought For the Day

I was reading this article in the Star and a thought occurred to me: maybe Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal really did make a deal with the Liberals - and everything we've seen in the past couple of weeks has been him fulfilling his part of it.

If so I sure hope he got something good in return or the Liberals really ripped him off.

UPDATE: On second thought, this mess makes the Liberals look bad as well as the Conservatives - it must be an NDP plot. And of course, Ujjal Dosanjh is a former leader of the NDP party in B.C. - before *he* suddenly switched parties to join the (federal) Liberals. One switches ahead of time to act as the inside man and another comes along later and pretends to want to switch thus making both the Liberals and Conservatives look really sleazy - brilliant!

With this kind of genius planning, Greg may be right and we could be looking at an NDP government in no time.

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