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Monday, June 13, 2005

More Links

Via, Voice in the Wilderness, I see that I've been remiss in not noticing that Simon had actually started posting to his By and Large blog, which so far appears to be a mix of political commentary and movie reviews. I'll have to start giving Simon bogus movie recommendations since reviews of bad movies are always funnier than reviews of good movies. More seriously, his post on the Downing St. Memo is worth a read, it certainly needs all the exposure it can get since the media doesn't seem too interested.


In other news, just in case anyone out there is still able to hear the words 'Fraser Institute' without automatically raising their bs deflector shields, The View From in Here goes into detail on one of their weaker (even for them) recent efforts - this one purporting to show a 'left-wing' media bias at the CBC1.


Finally, Star writer Antonia Zerbisias has always been one of the most blog-aware media folks so it is perhaps not surprising that so far her blog has been an excellent read - recommended.


1Just in case anyone is planning to comment that of course the CBC *does* have a left-wing bias, feel free, (I disagree) but that's not the point at the moment - the point is that as a piece of research, the Fraser Institute report is pathetic.

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  • Actually I posted about a 'new' document - a briefing paper given to Blair's inner circle (including himself), in June, 2002. This is simply more evidence piled on top of the Downing St. memo that either the Brits like to make up memos that make Bush look bad, or he did in fact plan to take out Saddam far earlier than he'll admit to.

    Thanks for the link! I'll try to review more bad movies for you. I should definitely do a posting on the worst movie I've ever seen: Battlefield Earth. Good god that was a debacle.

    By Blogger Simon, at 4:10 PM  

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