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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Links to Some Good Posts

Rather than coming up with a clever title, I decided to go with the 'realist' school of post-title-writing this time around.

Anyway, it's always nice when someone who generally seems to know what they're talking about writes a column which supports one of your long held positions. In this case it's Paul Wells, writing in Maclean's who hunts down the provinces 'fiscal imbalance' whinesrationalizations like the herd of stray sickly cattle that they are and mercilessly puts them out of their misery.

Meanwhile, over at 'How to Save the World', Dave Pollard talks about how people will believe what they want to hear (and disbelieve what they don't want to hear) and links to yet another in what seems to be becoming a long string of almost humourous (if you like black comedy) investigations into the methodology of global warming 'skeptics'.

Finally, it's a good thing that the Blank Out Times is an online site rather than being published on real paper because otherwise the 100 acre woods would probably be down to about 85 acres by now in order to supply the pulp mill which would be required for the voluminous writings of the forest dwellers. This post on maps and wishes really puts the question of Native Reserves in Canada into an interesting context (in my opinion), and this post , after suggesting that the U.S. might invade Iran (which I doubt), then goes into long thorough detail on all the reasons why that would be a truly insane decision to make - I guess we just differ on the willingness of the U.S. to make an insane foreign policy decision.

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