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Friday, December 05, 2008

Media Failure #2

Headlines from today's Globe and Mail business section (one of these things is not like the others):

"Oil Plummets on Dire U.S. Job Figures"
"Closed Mines, Broken Dreams in the town that nickel built"
"Worst Canadian Job Losses in 26 years"
"Abitibi axes Nfld. Paper Mill"
"Crisis, What Crisis?"

Naturally, the last story is the one that is different, the others were all just news stories recounting facts, the last one was the Globe's business columnist applying their insight to give an opinion on the facts.

Here's the closing from Madeline Drohan's fodder for laughter in the not-too-distant future column on how there's nothing to worry about here in Canada,
"This deluge of bad news and catastrophic predictions eventually seeps into the public consciousness, frightening people into spending less and saving more, thus helping to create a real crisis. That said, it was heartening to see an Ipsos-Reid* poll this week in which 56 per cent of respondents said they thought doomsday predictions of severe recession in Canada were exaggerations.

There is still common sense to be found in Canada, just not among our political, business or opinion leaders."

The first commenter says it best, "You really do not understand what is coming down the pipe, do you Ms. Drohan?"

I also liked the comment, "Lets first give Madeline the benefit of the doubt;
Ms. Dohan were you forced to write this piece of crap under duress?"

The people like Drohan who think that the business cycle could be avoided and we'd never have a recession again if only the media would pretend that all is well are almost as crazy as the ones who think that global markets are driven by Canadian politics.

* God only knows what biased question Ipsos asked this time - they probably even threw in the pejorative 'doomsday' just like Drohan did!

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