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Sunday, July 29, 2007

End of Weekend Random Notes, 6 Sequiturs and 1 Non

1) There's nothing like being sick for weeks to make you appreciate not being sick anymore.

2) As a follow-up to this post, so far I'd have to assess that the bad luck from the two black cats cancelled each other out at worst, or perhaps even resulted in positive luck.

3) Meanwhile, walking home tonight I had two skunks cross my path, including one I came within half a foot of stepping on (I was walking backwards, admiring the full moon). I'm guessing that stepping on a skunk is bad luck, even (especially) if you step on two. Of course, if I had to be sprayed by a skunk, that wouldn't have been the worst timing as I was already wearing an old beat-up pair of jeans and a light blue shirt that had recently been covered in purple spots.

4) Things change, whether you want them to or not. And moving generally sucks, even when you're not the one moving.

5) Always pack the corkscrew last

6) If you open a bottle of (in particular, red) wine by pushing the cork into the bottle, exercise caution!

7) I have agreed to argue against the idea of a 'flat' tax as part of the 'Great Canadian Debate' (see here for the origins of said debate).


  • Well yeah, I think it's understood that a flat tax on its own would be too regressive, what's more interesting is a flat tax plus a way of off-setting the regressiveness such as, say, a guaranteed minimum income vs. what we have now.

    Sad that it sounds like it's doomed to be yet another flat tax vs. status quo match where no one changes their opinion and more interesting things aren't discussed.

    By Anonymous V, at 1:42 AM  

  • Thanks for the plug, Declan,

    We'll be sending out an email regarding the next round of debates, in the attempts of getting a few more completed debates in as soon as possible. All we need is your email address to add you to the list, so if you could send us a note at, it would be appreciated.


    By Blogger Great, at 4:08 PM  

  • v - true enough, but I guess sometimes you have to run just to stand still. I'm sure you can bring up a guaranteed minimum income in the comments.

    Olaf - I sent you guys an email a few days ago, but I'll send another one. My email is gmdunne at yahoo (.com) in case the next one doesn't get through either.

    By Blogger Declan, at 8:17 PM  

  • End of My Weekend Notes....
    1. I's been weeks...( ok 2 days) but I'm never sick. I found your blog by taking too much Tylenol cold and flu and right clicking when I should have left clicked. That was yesterday...( I think)...anyway glad I found has been a great read.
    2.I don't really like cats.
    3. The exact same thing happened to me! Well, the walking backwards staring at the moon part however I tripped over the legs of a man who clearly had had a spot too much ( if you know what I mean) and had passed out in a bush. Dropped my paper, banged my knee and ripped my jeans but he never moved.
    4. Change is good. Moving does suck. Completely.
    5.I have always struggled with corkscrews however I refuse to drink it out of a box.
    6.I've pretty much completely switched to Guinness however, if you like red, and apparently you do...there's a great South African red with a monkey on the bottle. I'm too tired, congested,downtrodden, etc. to go to the kitchen and check the name but it should be easy to find. Great big monkey on the front.
    7. As far as your arguement for flat tax...I'm having a hard time focusing on anything other than my utter relief that Minister Bernier got an apology out to George. And on a Saturday...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:59 PM  

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