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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Circus

Some things I've found interesting recently:

Here's an article which lays out unusually clearly the challenge globalization poses to workers: trying to catch up to capital which has already gone global years ago and has been building up global institutions to protect their interests on a global scale for decades.

Robert lists some of the things that should come ahead of the Senate on the list of thing needing reform.

Speaking of the Senate, Vues D'ici elaborates on my point about how electing Senators could limit the effectiveness of the federal government. I'm not as optimistic that elected Senators would limit the fearsome whining power of the Premiers, but it's a good post all the same.

Speaking of Vues D'Ici, if you want to catch up on where we are with respect to equalization and how we got here, this post will get you up to speed better than anything else I've seen.

Going back to Robert, he picks up on this CBC report which once again demonstrates the hazards of having a government which is ideologically opposed to the concept of government. Even seemingly obvious decisions like supporting Canada's involvement in cutting edge research and science like building the Mars Rover end up getting dithered on until Canada's role is placed in jeopardy.

Finally, on a lighter note, via Colby Cosh, the internet based campaign to get Rory Fitzpatrick voted in to the all-star game, has gone negative. I guess Nicklas Lidstrom isn't the straight shooter I thought he was.


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