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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Snake Eyes

Well, I rolled the dice a couple of weeks ago by booking a flight with Jetsgo to take advantage of the voucher they gave me after my last disastrous flight with them, and it looks like the dice came up with a pair of 1's as, Jetsgo has declared bankruptcy with all flights grounded immediately.

It's hardly a huge surprise, but I feel for the people who were supposed to be flying with Jetsgo today or tomorrow - that would be a real pain. For me, I just lose (I'm assuming - I'm not really too familiar with what happens when an airline declares bankruptcy and it's not one of the big airlines which just carries on like normal) have to try and get a refund from my credit card company for my reduced Jetsgo fare, and have to book a flight at normal prices. Still, it would have been nice if they could have hung in there for another month or two. Sigh.

You know if Canada 3000 hadn't gone and bought Royal Airlines a few years back, this never would have happened. Is there any industry with worse management than the airline industry - OK, besides the NHL?

Note: Updated to reflect the most likely route to getting my money back.

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