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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Random Praise

Since my last post was a bit of a rant, I decided to change gears with this post, and throw out some kudos to a far from comprehensive list of bloggers who've been doing a good job lately (in my opinion, obviously):

First off, I've added Pints of Drivel to the blogroll. Lots of good commentary lately, including this interesting look at productivity, taxes and the upcoming federal budget.

Second, Andrew over at Bound by Gravity continues to deservedly get one of the most diverse readerships (and most interesting comments) among Canadian blogs.

If blogging is like a game of whack-a-mole where you try to take a swing and connect with each issue as it comes up then Timmy at Voice in the Wilderness is piling up a high score, commenting on everything from credit card interest rates to the same sex marriage debate, to U.S. foreign policy to the laws of cartoon thermodynamics. I particularly liked his post on the heritage and symbolism of the Canadian flag.

While I'm on the topic, Flag Day, the 15th of February, really should be added as a holiday. Goodness knows we could use one between New Year's and Good Friday - but I digress.

While digging around for commentary on the upcoming B.C. referendum (on switching to using Single Transferrable Vote for our electoral system), I ran across Double Blind, a long-running blog which is interesting reading for anyone interested in B.C. politics (or gambling), especially if you like looking at things from a mathematical perspective like I do. I thought the coverage of the recent B.C. budget was particularly good.

Finally, Paul Wells is always good, but he's been especially good lately (IMO) - I think I learned more from his coverage of the Danny Williams bru-ha-ha (sp?) and subsequent negotiations than I did from all other sources put together.

Keep up the good work, everyone.

Update: While I'm being charitable, I should also mention that while I don't think much of his columns (especially the ones on STV), Norman Spector's daily media round-up is most definitely a useful resource, and one that I check most days. Now if only he'd work on setting up decent archiving (with preserved links) for his round-up and stop writing columns about STV...



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