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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daniel and Henrik Dangerfield

I saw this headline linked from another site, "Anson Carter: Where would the Sedins be without me?" and I assumed it was an Onion-style satire, but apparently not.

The article says, "The 2005-06 campaign represents the Sedins’ coming-out party; their pronouncement to the hockey world that there was something special about their skills and their chemistry."

and that, "Carter also saw something that season and even if he couldn’t project what the twins would become — largely because no one could..."

In response, let me just link back to one of the few times I've posted on hockey on this blog, back at the start of 05-06 season when I pointed out that the Sedins were doing fine, they just needed more ice time and time on the power play. And they got more ice time and more time on the power play in 05-06 and their point totals went up right in line with that increase.

I also love how the article notes that a) Carter wanted $3 million/year, b) he was out of the league at the end of the season after he didn't get it, and c) the Sedins went on to bigger and netter things with him gone, but still manages to make it seem like it was possibly the wrong decision not to give Carter the $3 million he wanted.

None of this matters, I guess, it would just be nice if people (in the media in particular) paid more attention to reality. And yes, I've been blogging for many years, so I suppose I must be a slow learner since I haven't learned to just live with this sort of nonsense by now.

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