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Monday, November 08, 2010


After the unpleasantness of the last post, here is a little sanity, courtesy of commenter, 'A Canadian Reader' on the Globe and Mail the other day,

"I'm very tired of this obsession with lower taxes. My neighbourhood is full of people with the latest great cars, wonderful homes, children in private schools.

It isn't clear at all why we need our taxes to be even lower than they are. I don't need a new car. Mine is nice enough.

What I do need is schools that prepare our young people for a future they will have to shape themselves, health care that really takes care of the elderly and the sick, a civilized environment that values people and shows it every day.

I'm proud to support these goals with my taxes, and ashamed that my government is so focused on saving rich people and big business's money, at the expense of the weak and vulnerable.

It's a stupid priority and leads to what the US has now--California in tatters, Utah trying to cancel grade 12.

Time for the strong in society to grow up and quit trying to get all the cake all the time."

Now we just need a few (thousand) people to cut and paste that comment on to every news story in any medium that mentions how all we need for happiness is lower taxes (with never a word about what will be cut or who will benefit most) and we might start getting somewhere.

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