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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dunsmuir Bike Lane

I don't see much of the Burrard Bridge, but I do see Dunsmuir Street on a pretty regular basis and, in my opinion, the early verdict on the Dunsmuir Bike Lane would have to be that it is a success.

Aesthetically, the street is much improved by the presence of the lane, giving it an urban feel that it lacked before.

Functionally, I've had to adopt the habit of looking both ways as I cross the street, since it's common to see bikes travelling in either direction in the two-way bike lane on one-way (for cars) Dunsmuir. Traffic doesn't seem any different (from my viewpoint) than it did before. Fewer turns due to the right turn restrictions, and less weaving since there's only two lanes to weave in rather than three seems to be keeping traffic moving as well as it ever did.

I tried a google news search for the Dunsmuir Bike Lane and came up pretty much empty for anything more than a week or two after it opened, so it doesn't seem to be causing much in the way of ongoing angst for people.

Now the city just needs an equivalent North-South lane to connect Dunsumuir with the Burrard Bridge. Hornby seems like an obvious choice.

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