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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Bites Man

Actually, I've lived my whole life as a boy/man, and haven't been bitten by a dog yet. But a Neil Reynolds column that is a deliberate lie meant to deceive readers of the Globe and Mail into believing something that isn't true, I have seen. Many times.

Greg documents the latest, Reynolds suggesting that Canada shouldn't have a mandatory census because the Scandinavians don't, when anyone who's paying attention at all knows that if Canada wanted to adopt the Scandinavian system (where the government collects so much information on everyone that they don't *need* a census), Reynolds would be the first person fighting against it.

To be honest, given that the Globe and Mail continues to employ Neil Reynolds after years and years of every column of his being either an attempt at deception or hilariously bad advice, it's hard to take anything in the paper seriously, or believe that the editors really have any concern whatsoever for producing a publicly useful product as opposed to just selling papers.

Even if the Globe wanted to make the argument that Reynolds is useful in a George Castanza, do-the-opposite, sort of way, like a compass that always points South, surely they could just provide his advice on what (not to) do directly to policymakers, without taking up valuable newsprint and possibly temporarily fooling people who are reading the Globe for the first time, or those poor folks with an IQ under 50 who haven't yet figured out that they should ignore (or do the opposite of) everything Reynolds says.

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