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Friday, April 09, 2010

That's What Keeps the Rent Down, Baby**

I've been (very slowly) going through my blog archives and adding tags to all the old posts. I ran across one from 2005 where I wrote, tongue in cheek,
"What's the difference between China and Canada? China keeps its currency down vs. the American dollar by legislative fiat, while Canada does it by making the markets nervous with endless political shenanigans."

It struck me* that maybe the same thing is happening now, only more deliberately, in Europe, where The Germans are allowing Greece to twist in the wind which is helping keep the Euro down (from 1.5USD a few months ago to about 1.3USD now), which helps German exports.

With Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney caught between a high Canadian dollar, rising prices and a housing bubble, maybe a little domestic crisis would be just what the doctor ordered...

* Hmm, looking around the interwebs, I see I'm not the only person this thought has occurred to, oh well.

** Post title reference

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