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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Abdelrazik Update

Note: Previous post on this topic is here.

The Conservative party was smacked down pretty hard today by the Federal Court, which ruled that,

"Mr. Abdelrazik, who has been marooned in Sudan for nearly six years, “is as much a victim of international terrorism as the innocent persons whose lives have been taken by recent barbaric acts of terrorists,” Judge Zinn said."


"Judge Zinn found that while it wasn't necessary for him to determine whether the government has acted in bad faith to violate Mr. Abdelrazik's rights and thwart his return, the evidence supports such a conclusion.

“Had it been necessary to determine whether the breach was done in bad faith, I would have had no hesitation making that finding on the basis of the record before me,”"


"Judge Zinn's message was tougher. He ordered Ottawa to “take immediate action so that Mr. Abdelrazik is returned to Canada,” requiring the government to issue him an emergency passport, make travel arrangements within 15 days and get him home within 30 days. To drive home the point, Judge Zinn told the government to ensure that Mr. Abdelrazik appears before him no later than July 7."

Dr. Dawg has more.

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  • I was amazed to see the bad faith comments. Thats quite a smack down.

    Good for him.

    By Blogger KevinG, at 9:03 PM  

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