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Monday, April 13, 2009

Further into the Dark Ages

Via Pogge, I see that, against all odds, the federal government is digging it's hole of shame and embarrassment even deeper on the Abdelrazik story.

Only two days after a man on the no fly list is flown home to Britain over the airspace of many countries without gaining permission, our Federal government, claims that "every country he might fly over on the way home from Khartoum needed to give explicit permission." Is there no lie too obvious or too ridiculous for this government? Have they no shame at all?

Given that they are willing to make a mockery of our Constitution - "It [the Government's court filing with respect to Mr. Abdelrazik] claims the right to return to Canada, enshrined in the Charter, applies only to citizens who present themselves at a border post." - I guess the answer is no.

Contact info for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon here

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