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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not So Fantastic Four

(this is the third time I've posted this, Blogger is really getting annoying).

So Tim has tagged me with the 4 things meme, and the first one is a tough one:

Four vehicles you've owned:

The only vehicle I own currently is a cheap Canadian-tire special bike which I haven't ridden in years. In fact, my lack of respect for this vehicle is so great that I once left it locked up outside on campus for an entire year before remembering that I had left it there (but that's another story).

I also had a somewhat more respected bike back when I still lived in Ontario.

Prior to that my memories get hazy. I assume that I must have had a bike or two as a kid but I've always preferred keeping my feet on the ground so I doubt it/they got much usage, and they don't occupy much of a place in my memory.

Before that again we are really reaching. I know that I had a giant plastic hot-dog with wheels that I used to drive around in my youth, so I guess that makes four.

Four jobs you've had:

Hmm, I've worked as an Operations Research Analyst, as A Credit Risk Analyst, an Energy Risk Analyst and as a Business Analyst.
Hey, I'm nothing if not versatile.

Four places you've lived:

Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver.

I'm starting to see that all these questions are connected. When you live in big cities you don't need a car, and when you're applying to analyst positions, the classified section of, say, the Peterborough Examiner, makes a quick read.

As an aside, after the election some people suggested the Conservatives did poorly with Urban voters because they didn't win any seats in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. To which some people replied, "What's Calgary, an overgrown village?"
But the thing is, Calgary is a nice place, but yes, it is an overgrown village.

OK, moving on.

Four vacations you've taken:

Hmm, I went to Peru and Bolivia a few years ago, that was pretty fascinating. Played some pickup soccer at an elevation of nearly 13,000 feet, giving me an early insight into how I would feel playing in my thirties.

Visited Australia & New Zealand. Alas my camera died on the South Island, taking with it photos of Milford Sound without a cloud in the sky, the world's steepest street, and some albatrosses (had to check the pluralization there). But at least, unlike my old bike, those I still remember (for now).

I've also been to Istanbul (home to the world's strangest sounding cats) and the Turkish Aegean coast.

More recently, we took a trip down the coast to San Francisco, stopping in at beautiful Cannon Beach along the way, and eventually at least getting a photo of the 'world's crookedest street'. I think if I had to move to the U.S. but could live anywhere I wanted I'd probably go to Oregon.

That's it - don't you feel like you know me better now?

OK, Time for a tag, just one this time, Greg at Sinister Thoughts.


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