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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stupid Robert Bettman

Well, the results from the Canadian Blog Awards are in, and CAtO placed 8th1 in the 'Best Progressive Blog' category. Which means that we will be moving on to a best of 7 post vs. post playoff series between Vancouver based CAtO and Western Conference regular season leader Calgary Grit. While it looks like a mismatch on paper, with Calgary Grit piling up 142 points vs. CAtO's 28, fans are hoping for an exciting rematch of last season's nailbiting series between Calgary and Vancouver.

What, in the new blog awards only 5 teams makes the playoffs in each conference? Damn that new CBA.

On a more serious note, thanks to Robert for running things, thanks to everyone who voted for me - it's much appreciated, and good luck to all those who finished in the top 5 in their category and are going on to the final round of voting (which starts Saturday).

1 Technically, tied for 6th.


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