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Friday, December 02, 2005

Somebody Call Peter Kent!

Just a little humour for a Friday afternoon, over at Azerbic, Robert commented on the slant of CBC's blog report. So I took a look, and sure enough, so far the CBC has linked to 12 conservative bloggers, 2 Liberal bloggers (update: plus the official Liberal blog), 0 NDP supporting blogs, and 0 non-partisan blogs. Even better, the 2 Liberal blogs they linked to were Calgary Grit, quoted as saying, "I suspect this will work in Harper's favour" and Jason Cherniak, quoted as commending Harper on an excellent political move.

One of the 12 Conservatives they linked to was critical of the Conservative party website and, before you know it, the blogging tories are up in arms over the liberal media bias (I kid you not). Conservative Life dissects the criticism of the CPC website, saying, "the CBC, eager to print negative publicity about the Conservative Party..."

Ah those Blogging Tories crack me up sometimes. Seriously though, what is up with the CBC blogwatch? Even Fox News would be starting to feel the need for a little token left-wing representation by now.

Instant Update: I see Antonia thought this was worth a post of its own as well.

Update 2: I updated the body of the post to reflect that the CBC Blog report did link to the 'official' Liberal party blog, by Scott Feschuk - I guess I just sort of mentally classify 'official' blogs in some other category than citizen blogs, but maybe that is unfair (in this particular case) as Feschuk's blog hasn't sunk into the deep blandness of most official blogs so far.


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