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Saturday, December 10, 2005

On the Road

I will be out of town this week, so it's pretty unlikely that I'll post anything before Friday. I feel relatively comfortable that there won't be any big moves in the polls while I'm gone:

Election 2004:

Liberals 37
Conservatives 30
NDP 16
Bloc 12
Green 4

Last poll (SES, December 9):

Liberals 39 (+2)
Conservatives 30 (no change)
NDP 15 (-1)
Bloc 11 (-1)
Green 4 (no change)

(via nodice)

Just the 3.2% margin of error alone would almost make you expect the results to be more different from the 2004 election - even if the poll had been randomly sampled from actual votes in the 2004 election!

See you in a week.


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