Crawl Across the Ocean

Sunday, September 11, 2005

More Blog Stuff

A couple more things.

First, the folks at Stageleft have created a Blog-O-Pedia, sort of like Wikipedia except for Blogs. I have added a brief entry for Crawl Across the Ocean, and may add to it when I feel more inspired. If you have a blog, consider adding it - if nothing else it will make you think about what your blog is all about, anyway.

Secondly, it seems as though the spammers have started to find out about this blog, so I am adding word verification for comments. Basically you just have to enter a word in a box before you enter your comment. I know, it's added hassle, but I'm not big on spam comments. It's kind of reminiscent of the movie The Matrix. In 'The Matrix', the one defense the humans had against the machines was the electro-magnetic pulse weapon which would fry their circuits (or something like that). In the online reality, our defense against the machines is our superior ability to read script.


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