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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Decision Time

Summer's over (or pretty close anyway) so it's time for teachers and politicians to get back to their day jobs, which means, among other things, that B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell will soon have to decide what's next for the Single Transferable Vote.

As you may recall, 57.7% of voters, including a simple majority in 77 of 79 ridings, voted in favour of switching the electoral system to the Single Transferable Vote system in the referendum last April.

Which is all just a lead-in to mention this event taking place on Tuesday in Victoria:
"Six electoral activists and experts will address the media on Tuesday, September 13th on the front lawn of the B.C. Legislature from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Each speaker will briefly present their concerns regarding electoral reform in British Columbia, then will field questions from the media.


Diana Byford and Wendy Bergerud are alumni from the Citizens' Assembly for Electoral Reform;

Bruce Hallsor is President of Fair Voting BC, former co-chair of the Yes to STV campaign, and co-chair of the BC Conservative campaign;

Alastair Murdoch is president of Fair Vote Canada, Greater Victoria Chapter, a chartered accountant, and B.C. Liberal Riding Association executive;

Catherine Schulmann was active with the Yes to BC-STV campaign, is a director of Fair Voting BC, and a technical and freelance writer;

Brenda Guiled has independently written material and organized events to educate the public about BC-STV, is a technical illustrator, and an editorial-page columnist.

Two rules currently apply regarding electoral reform in British Columbia. First is Premier Gordon Campbell's 60:60 threshold binding his government to adopt BC-STV for the 2009 election. The referendum results fell 2.31 per cent short of the required overall approval, but a hefty 37.49 per cent over the required approval by a simple majority in every riding. The second rule is that any B.C. government can enact whatever electoral reform it chooses without consulting the electorate at all.

Resolving this issue is THE most pressing business facing the present government. The electorate has spoken loudly and clearly, but is quiet now, waiting to see how Premier Campbell's initiative plays out. These speakers will address the importance and urgency of enacting BC-STV electoral reform in British Columbia in time for the next election."


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