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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Telus Picking Up Speed and On a Roll...

...downhill that is

Via, One Damn Thing After Another, (which seems to be a great source for telecom blues news these days) it seems like Telus is at it again.

Their latest PR adventure is a 'Telus Idol' video, sort of a team-builders gone wild kind of story:
"A Shania Twain look-alike sings a song to the tune of Up!, with lyrics about increasing shareholder value. A member of the judging panel tells her:

“I’m up. I’m up big time. You know that thing called the CN Tower? It’s right here in my pants.

“If I buy stock, would that be insider trading? Speaking of inside, do those pants come off?”

Another male judge suggests the Shania look-alike would go further in the competition if she had breast implants. The comment is greeted with shrieks, laughter and boos. There are penis jokes and the observation that a female contestant has “amazing lungs.”"

Lots more background and context (and lots of reader comments) if you read the whole story from the Tyee.

Seriously, does anyone out there feel optimistic about the future of this company?



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