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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Right They Are

Via Pints of Drivel, I see that Canada now has a right wing alternative to the 'typically Canadian wishy-washy middle-of-the-road mediocrity' which the so-called right-wing Fraser Institute wallows in: The Frazier Institute.

Some of their 'studies' are especially well done with 'Eat the Whales' being my personal favourite. An excerpt:

"The species which are failing are those which became bloated and inefficient (whales, elephants, rhinoceroses), or else those which exploited a market niche which is no longer viable (the spotted owl, the panda bear).

If these species cannot downsize or evolve to meet the new global environment, it is inevitable that they will fail. Meanwhile, more efficient and adaptable species (pigeons, sparrows, squirrels, rats) are re-evaluating their roles and finding new markets, with the result that they are thriving in the new global economy."

Good stuff.


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